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    The Legislative Link is an education-related policy and legislation developed by NCASA's Policy Advocacy Team. It highlights policy and law from our state legislature and offers an inisde glimpse into important issues that affect educators and administrators across the state. The content highlights issues that are the primary mission of NCASA - to ensure quality learning experiences for all students through visionary and effective leadership. NCASA continues to advocate for their members by helping to address their key educational concerns with state leaders in order to improve the the quality of education and the resources available to students, teachers and administrators across the state.

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    The NCASA newsletter offers current events from the realm of education-related policy and legislation. It compiles news from a wide variety of sources into a concise and comprehensive weekly product that gives valuable information to our members. The content provides insights about education from a local and national perspective about issues that directly affect school districts across the state. More importantly, this service is offered EXCLUSIVELY to our members as part of your annual subscription benefit.